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Nonprofit Governance Training Series 2017-2018
Taking Your Nonprofit to the Championships

This year's Lunch On Board series features four integrated sessions to maximize takeaways. Each session follows a natural progression of nonprofit organizational management. Attendance at all four sessions is recommended but not required.

New location for 2017-2018: All sessions held at RKL
3501 Concord Rd, Ste 250, York, PA 17402

First Quarter: Training Camp
Thursday, November, 30, 2017, 11:45 am - 1:30 pm

Every winning team objectively reviews their clubhouse, determines where they stand for the season ahead, and strategizes how to improve. Join Jan Herrold, independent strategy consultant, and Leadership York's Wilda Alessi as they discuss the Five Life Cycle Stages of Nonprofit Organizations. Jan brings strategic planning, organizational development, and assessment expertise from over 90 nonprofit organizations in our region to the presentation. 

After reviewing the stages of an Organizational Life Cycle and discussion on your respective nonprofits, you'll review implications for organizational success and learn how to use the Life Stages to project for the future.

Session Sponsor: DOCEO Office Solutions

Second Quarter: Reviewing Your Playbook
Thursday, January 18, 2018 11:45 am - 1:30 pm
(snow date: January 25)

Developing a solid playbook is critical for winning teams. It enhances communication, gives the team direction, and can transform your team. Lynda and Rich Randall of New Level Advisors, are back again to present on the nonprofit playbook, your strategic plan.

Drawing on over 30 years of strategic planning and transforming cultures, Lynda and Rich will cover questions such as, "How does the structure of the organization need to change to support the strategic plan?" and "Does the budget support the strategic plan?". You'll leave with new perspectives on your strategic plan to enhance your playbook.

Session Sponsor: York Traditions Bank

Third Quarter: Drafting Your MVPs
Thursday, April 12, 2018, 11:45 am - 1:30 pm

Players become MVPs when they are matched to the right position and coached to bring out their greatest strengths. Board members and volunteers, when cultivated and coached well, allow your organization to accomplish far more than staff alone. Panelists will share their experiences cultivating high performing boards. Their perspectives include recruitment, engagement, building leadership, and leveraging your strategic plan and bylaws to support your work. 

Ann Davis, Executive Director DreamWrights Center for Community Arts
JT Hand, VP York Water Company and DreamWrights Past President
Jean Treuthart, Executive Director YWCA York
Larry Richardson, Executive Director YMCA York and York County
Allison Meckley, Alumni Relations Coordinator Leadership York
Moderator: Eric Menzer, President York Revolution

Session Sponsor: Warehaus

Fourth Quarter: Highlights Reel
Thursday, June 21, 2018, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Recapping wins by identifying successful plays and strategies is both validating and productive for your team. In this last session, you'll have an opportunity to share best practices with your colleagues and continue conversations from previous sessions. Facilitated small group discussions will be guided by your session experience, questions, and organizational wins. Please join us for a reception following the roundtable discussion.

Session Sponsor: Weinstein Realty Consultants

Nonprofit Leadership Academy


NLA helps nonprofit executive directors and other administrators develop best practices for strategic thinking, organizing, and dealing with change. The course is offered every other year.

The Academy fosters supportive relationships among new and experienced executive directors and encourages self-development and professional growth. Past participants have found tremendous value in getting to know their cohort of nonprofit executives and discussing each other’s challenges and successes within their respective organizations.

Congratulations to the Nonprofit Leadership Academy of 2017, pictured here, who completed this six-session program in June 2017.

My participation in the Nonprofit Leadership Academy provided a great opportunity to gain insights and wisdom from several well-respected community leaders, as well as the staff at Leadership York. I was able to utilize many of the concepts that were explored and place them into practice at Penn-Mar. I would highly recommend this course for emerging leaders in the York community.
— Gregory Miller, President & CEO, Penn-Mar Human Services

The Leadership York Resource Library

We have over 200 reference books available to help nonprofit staff and board members strengthen their organizations. Area organizations may borrow library resources at no charge. Email the Leadership York Office at to arrange pick-up.

Customized Training and Technical Assistance

Leadership York’s nonprofit board training can include a combination of the following topics depending on the needs of the organization and the time available. Other training topics may be arranged upon request.

  • Assessments - A Tool for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Best Practices in Nonprofit Governance - Emerging Trends
  • Organizational Life Cycle - How It Affects Nonprofit Boards
  • Building Board/Staff Partnerships
  • Role & Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • Responsibilities of Individual Board Members
  • Building a Committee Structure
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Differing Leadership Styles - What They Bring to a Board
  • Cycle of Board Effectiveness

For more information, contact Wilda Alessi, Executive Director.