After seven years, our Clash of the Classes (COTC) initiative has come to an end. Clash of the Classes – driven by Leadership Training Program alumni – raised over $83,000 for Leadership York between 2009 and 2015. 


Contributions built our LTP scholarship fund and ensured program quality and effectiveness. Investing in Leadership York allows our community to have plenty of trained and motivated leaders. Scholarships make enrollment possible for individuals who work for nonprofits or are paying their own way to attend the course, creating a more diverse class. Leadership York gives out $6-7,000 per year in scholarships (partial and full). 

Class Representatives

Three class representatives were elected near the end of each LTP program year. Class representatives are ambassadors for Leadership York, and keep their classmates connected with each other and the organization. They also planned and hosted fundraising activities, such as events and appeal letters to their classmates, and the class that raised the most money for the organization each year earned the title of Best Class Ever and got their class year engraved on the Class Cup, a trophy recognizing their class’s efforts. Representatives from all classes met once a year to set a collective fundraising goal; the 2015 campaign raised over $9,000.


Examples of Past COTC Events

  • Live music and comedy night (three classes partnered together to produce this event)
  • Yard sale with all income donated to Leadership York
  • Guest bartending events with all tips donated to Leadership York
  • Dine-out events with a portion of food sales donated to Leadership York by sponsoring restaurant
  • Mini-golf-a-thon
  • Happy hour events with silent auctions
  • Sandwich sales

Campaign Winners

2015: LTP class of 2011 holds the title of Best Class Ever

2014: LTP class of 2014 was named Best Class Ever

2013: LTP class of 2013 was named Best Class Ever

2012: LTP class of 2012 was named Best Class Ever

2011: LTP class of 2010 was named Best Class Ever

2010: LTP class of 2008 was named Best Class Ever

2009: LTP class of 2008 was named Best Class Ever





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