FLY at 25: Meet Jazmin Simpson

The 25th Future Leaders of York class graduated in May 2014. We're proud to share updates from FLY alumni on how their participation in the program influenced their leadership development.


Jazmin Simpson, FLY 98

I am a York native and an alumnus of York High and York College of PA for both my bachelor and master’s degree. I have been employed at HACC for 5 years as the Student Success Manager with Virtual Learning and have been in the field of higher education for over 10 years. Who would have thought that I would still be residing in York or that I that I would be asked to share these comments after so much time as passed since I  been in the FLY program. This is why I love this city and the dedicated people who strive to better the community we all live, work, and play in.

I distinctly remember participating in the FLY program retreat and subsequent meetings. The most salient items that stuck out to me about the retreat were the high and low ropes team building activities and the Myers-Briggs personality tests. Through participating with FLY, I began to recognize that I was years ahead of my peers in terms of not only taking part in leadership-type programs, but fully understanding the value of being a leader. What I did not know is that I was years ahead of many of my colleagues that I would work with in higher education. Now, I realize that depending on what the circumstances are (position, level of power, office culture and climate, co-workers, etc.), one’s personality and how one may react or handle various situations changes over time. However, these types of assessments gave me a leg-up on interpreting and understanding who I am as a person, how I may work with others, and how I may interact with someone different or similar to my specific personality indicators. I felt more comfortable, because of my FLY experience, in knowing exactly what the executive and chief officers are discussing with regard to how personality assessments impact one's leadership style and decision making.

Most importantly, the FLY program helped me make informed decisions about my education and employment matters. The program also shaped my impressions of what it means to give back and be a civically engaged contributor to my community. I was able to build and reinforce a positive sense of self that helped to empower me to take on life’s challenges. With FLY, I realized that to be a good leader, you have to be a good person, including making the right decisions and doing things to benefit the community. I now help my community in a number of ways, but most significantly through my role as a board member and chair of the student relations committee for the Crispus Attucks Youth Build Charter School and as vice president and chair of the Nominations Committee for York City Dollars for Scholars, an affiliate of Scholarship America.

Future Leaders of York helps high school sophomores and juniors learn to become lifelong, responsible, active participants in their community. The class of 2014 included 37 students, representing 17 York County high schools. Program expenses come out to $1200 per student and tuition covers only 25% of that cost. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship or individual giving opportunities to help underwrite this program.